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You Rang, M Lord? YOU RANG M'LORD

Programme: You Rang, M'Lord?
aka: You Rang My Lord
Broadcast: 1988 - 1993   ( BBC )
Episodes: 26 (4 series)
Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, Jeffery Holland, David Hewlett, Michael Knowles, Perry Benson, Susie Brann, Brenda Cowling, Barbara New, Pill Pertwee, Mavis Pugh, Catherine Rabett, Angela Scoular, John Horsley
Written by: Jimmy Perry, David Croft
Produced by: David Croft
Directed by: David Croft, Roy Gould
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

This sitcom was set in a London Townhouse in the 1920s. The theme is the same as  Upstairs Downstairs . We follow the lives of the servants and the masters and their secret relationships.

BSG Review:

Jimmy Perry and David Croft take their period style writing even further back to the 1920s this time. Although this was a successful sitcom of the time it would not be half as popular if were broadcast now.


Each episode was fifty minutes long to provide more time for drama.

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