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Yes (Prime) Minister

Programmes: Yes, Minister / Yes, Prime Minister
Written by: Anthony Jay, Jonathan Lynn
Synopsis: Political sitcom in which Jim Hacker, Member of Parliament, is appointed to the Cabinet as Minister For Administrative Affairs. There he is introduced to Bernard Wooley, his Private Secretary and Civil Servant boss Sir Humphrey Appleby. The pair teach him how the Civil Service works and battle with him over his policies and principals. In the follow-up series, "Yes, Prime Minister", Hacker is elevated to No. 10 but remained tied to Sir Humphrey.
BSG Review: "Yes Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister" are both brilliant examples of first-class political satire. The clever and witty scripts poke fun at the political system but in such a way so as not to be biased towards any political party nor exclude viewers who know little or nothing about the UK government system; in fact the show is reported to be very popular abroad which shows that there is no need to understand the intricacies of British government to appreciate the humour in this programme. It is well worth watching this 'intelligent' British sitcom which recently showed just how great it was by being voted one of the top 10 British sitcoms ever.

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