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In our Advice and Insight section we've gathered together some pages which we hope you'll find interesting and useful. Below you'll find advice, tips and information on how to go about writing a top comedy and also some fascinating insights and opinons relating to the world of comedy writing and production.

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Advice & Tips
Sitcom Writing - Step by Step Sitcom Writing : Step-By-Step
We walk through all the stages involved in creating a good sitcom, offering advice along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
Sitcom consultant Marc Blake answers some of your common comedy writing related questions.

Writing for Overseas Markets Writing For Oveseas Markets
Jenny Roche looks at the writing opportunities in overseas markets and offers advice on what to do and not do.

Industry Insight & Opinion
Michael Hines interview Michael Hines on Producing and Directing
The producer and director of the hit BBC sitcom 'Still Game' talks about his job and what his profession requires in a script.

Sitcom Diary Andrew Collins' Sitcom Diary
The co-writer of the BBC sitcom ' Grass ' has provided us with diary extracts which show just how much work and time goes into creating a sitcom.

Adventures of an Aspiring Sitcom Writer Adventures of an Aspiring Sitcom Writer
An article by a new sitcom writer which outlines his experiences so far and in which he offers some advice and tips.

Male / Female Comedy Male / Female Comedy
Jenny Roche offers her thoughts and opinions on the male / female comedy divide and how writers can overcome this.

If you have any comedy writing related questions please send them in and we'll ask an industry figure to answer them for you!

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