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We've added the following pages to this website to give you a brief step-by-step overview of the stages involved in writing a sitcom for the British market. If you're serious about writing a comedy you'll need more information than is contained within these pages but at least it is a start!

With the help of sitcom expert Marc Blake we've identified the following ten stages which all writers will have to go through before they can see their creation on the television. Just click on any of the stages below for further information; we strongly suggest you begin reading at step 1 even if you think you've already passed this stage as our guide might contain some details you've not considered!

The 10 Stages
Be Committed 1. BE COMMITTED
Before you get stuck into writing a sitcom it is important to check that you know what you are about to get into. find out more
Buy the Books 2. BUY THE BOOKS
To really understand this craft and the sitcom industry you're going to need a couple of books as they have the in-depth knowledge. find out more
Get the Fresh Idea 3. GET THE FRESH IDEA
The TV companies are looking for the next fresh idea not another stale, generic sitcom. Have a brainwave! find out more
Create a Fascinating Protagonist 4. CREATE A FASCINATING PROTAGONIST
People watch situation comedy for the monsters. Has your idea got such a character? - it isn't an essential to have a protagonist but well worth considering. find out more
Create Conflict 5. CREATE CONFLICT
Your characters must be fighting it out, trapped in an emotional
arena with which we can all identify. find out more
Write Your First Episode 6. WRITE YOUR FIRST EPISODE
With all the plotting done it is finally time to bang out your first script. We have advice and tips here. find out more
Attend A Course 7. ATTEND A COURSE
Everyone needs an extra bit of motivation and even the great writers have to brush up on their skills. Find a course! find out more
Get Feedback 8. GET FEEDBACK
By now you should have the funniest script in the world in front of you. Do others agree though? Time to get feedback. find out more
Send It Off 9. SEND IT OFF
Finally - the script is ready! You now need to send it off to the television companies. Want to know how to go about it? find out more
Sell It 10. SELL IT
Hooray! Someone is interested. Before you rush out and buy a Porsche you need to secure a deal. find out more
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