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Comedy Writing Area : Step-By-Step Writing Guide

1. Be Committed
2. Buy the Books
3. Get the Fresh Idea
4. Create A Protagonist
5. Create Conflict
6. Write Your First Episode
7. Attend A Course
8. Get Feedback
9. Send it Off
10. Sell it

Once you've managed to get an episode written it is time to send it off to the people who can provide the resources, budget and skills to get it on to the screen - the production companies!

A common misconception is that you need an agent before you go any further - not true!

So who should you send it to? We suggest going through the Writer's and Artists Yearbook to obtain production company contacts. We've also got a list of some of the production companies who've produced at least one British sitcom on our website. View

The TV stations might take a look at your script directly too. Each broadcaster has a webpage explaining the correct channels to go through to contact their commissioning teams - we have links to these on our broadcasters page .

From time-to-time there are also writing competitions running. For example BBC Talent. Keep an eye on our mailing list for news of these as they can be another route towards getting your sitcom on screen.


You should send one script with a covering letter attached. Do not try to be funny in your letter! Only ask if they would consider reading your sitcom. Also, we advise that you do not add anything else unless it is relevant to your putative writing career (i.e. other experience in the field, common contacts, etc). Remember to put your name and address on everything.

How long should you wait for a response? After three months try a polite email or call to ask if it has been read. Some companies have piles of scripts and it takes long time for them to read and assess each one properly. Your script could be being seriously considered, so don't rush them.

If you've got to this stage and haven't yet bought any tutorial books go and get some right now as pitching your sitcom to production companies is a fine art and something we cannot cover fully here. Doing everything the correct way at this stage is essential because unfortunately a single mistake could result in a rejection letter coming through your door rather than a call asking you in for a chat.

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