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1. Be Committed
2. Buy the Books
3. Get the Fresh Idea
4. Create A Protagonist
5. Create Conflict
6. Write Your First Episode
7. Attend A Course
8. Get Feedback
9. Send it Off
10. Sell it

Most writers serious about creating a successful sitcom attend a course. Sitcom courses are a great way of helping you to focus on your craft, to learn from others and to try team writing. Some even offer you the chance to perform your draft script so as to gauge the reaction (see also Sitcom Trials ). Attending a course can also be a great way of gathering useful market information and a chance for a bit of networking.

Writing courses can be quite expensive but if you're really committed to writing a winning sitcom then they actually offer very good value for money as you'll almost certainly come away more knowledgeable and motivated and with new ideas, skills and contacts.

If this is of interest to you then take a look at the list of courses based in the UK which we have put together. View here

This is actually a picture from a creative writing class - sitcom classes are full of much funnier people!

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