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Comedy Writing Area : Step-By-Step Writing Guide

1. Be Committed
2. Buy the Books
3. Get the Fresh Idea
4. Create A Protagonist
5. Create Conflict
6. Write Your First Episode
7. Attend A Course
8. Get Feedback
9. Send it Off
10. Sell it

Before you go any further you'll need to get your hands on a couple of books on the subject of sitcom writing as they offer expert knowledge and advice which we don't have room for on this website.

All writers learn from the rules and the rules are written in these handy and easy to read manuals. Any writer who thinks he can ‘just do it’ is kidding himself, or works for Nike.

As you may have seen we've got a whole page devoted to the books you can buy. Click here to view

The two books which we've been most impressed with (and also the two which are most commonly recommended by other writers who've emailed us) are the book Marc's written and Byrne and Powell's book. See our book page for more books, full reviews and additional details.

How to be a Sitcom Writer
Marc Blake - Summersdale Publishers

How to be a Sitcom Writer

Writing Sitcoms
John Byrne & Marcus Powell - A & C Black

Writing Sitcoms

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