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Comedy Writing Area : Step-By-Step Writing Guide

1. Be Committed
2. Buy the Books
3. Get the Fresh Idea
4. Create A Protagonist
5. Create Conflict
6. Write Your First Episode
7. Attend A Course
8. Get Feedback
9. Send it Off
10. Sell it
Money! STEP 10 - SELL IT!

If a production company is interested in your script you will get a call and be asked in for a meeting. This is for the production company to see that you are who you say you are and for them to gauge whether they think they can work with you. There will be a beverage.

They will want to discuss the work further, looking to 'option it'. This means paying you 10% of the purchase price up front (several hundred pounds). Do not sign or agree to anything at this point, but take the opportunity to find a literary agent. Ask them to recommend one.

From then on in it is a case of writing more episodes, getting a pilot made, filming the thing and then sitting down on Friday night to watch your comedy being beamed out into millions of homes!


Good luck from everyone at the British Sitcom Guide!

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