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Gemma Arrowsmith
Gemma Arrowsmith

Work to Date: Various sketches & monologues.
Location: London

I am a performer / writer and recently appeared at the Canal Cafe in Newsrevue ( ). I am always interested in hearing about new sketch / revue projects. I have considerable theatre directing experience also - so if any sketch groups are looking for a director, get in touch.

Contact: [email protected] | 07786 065377 | Casting Call Pro Listing | Spotlight Listing

Gav Balfour and Ian Robertson

Work to Date: Three draft sitcom scripts, radio sketches and jokes.
Location: Dundee, Scotland

We contributed sketches and jokes to the BBC Radio Five Live comedy shows Keep Taking The Nandrolone and Freddie Flintoff Ate My Ashes. We have also contributed sketches to the live Rough Cuts nights at the Stand in Glasgow. One sitcom pilot script is currently mired in development hell at the Comedy Unit and another has been sent to Baby Cow and the BBC Writersroom. We have also written around fifty sketches.

We are always open to - and looking for - writing opportunities and people to exchange ideas with. Our influences include Spike Milligan, Peter Cook and Andy Kaufman, and more modern writers like Graham Linehan, Larry David, and the Mighty Boosh.

Contact: [email protected] | [email protected]

Paul 'BamBam'

Work to Date: 3 film scrips;- Heir of the Dog, Charlie's Wedding, Eddie's Last Drink. Many shorts. Znoot Comix.
Location: Birmingham UK

My career has evolved over the years from the dizzy heights of TV joke writer thru' cartoons, film scrips to the current development of my cartoon character Jim McBean into a proposed sitcom TV or radio series. Any production companies please note! I thank you.

Contact: | 07952 405738

Jules Bower

Work to Date: Various sketches, radio play, stage play and short film.
Location: South East England

- Contributor to various current affairs sketch shows and 'The Sitcom Trials'.
- Radio Script under option with Celador UK for Radio 4.
- Award winning theatre script produced in two theatres, will be in 2006 season at the White Bear Theatre.
- Short film King Jeff in development with director Phil Dale (The Corpse Bride, The Periwig Maker)
- Part of Team of Writers for Soap Opera pilot at

Contact: [email protected]

Kirk Bown
Kirk Bown

Work to Date: New Writer - Starting Out
Location: Telford UK

I'm new to scriptwriting but I've written a feature-length spec script, 2 episodes of a sitcom and 1 short. I'm interested in short script, sitcom and feature film writing.

Contact: [email protected]

David Bussell
David Bussell

Work to Date: Features, shorts, sketches, pilots.
Location: London

A budding comedy writer just aching to flower. Still waiting on someone to wade into my life with a novelty-sized cheque.

Contact: [email protected]

Peter Cartwright

Work to Date: A few drafts
Location: Argyll, Scotland

I've a wealth of ideas and a few written scripts but not sure where to go next? I would like to meet up with a co-writer to develop themes and characters further. I've worked in NHS for 25 years and based most of my ideas around that and other experience!!

Contact: -

Joe Cawley
Joe Cawley

Work to Date: New Writer - Starting Out
Location: Commutes between Tenerife and Manchester (the journey's a slog but the views are astounding).

Primarily a freelance travel writer (The Times, Independent, Guardian, Observer, Mail on Sunday, New York Post, Conde Nast Traveler etc), now starting comedy writing. Just putting the final touches to a humorous account of running a bar in a holiday resort (More Ketchup Than Salsa - on the shelves mid June, Summersdale Publishing). Also preparing to launch headfirst into sitcom writing. Would be happy to team up with other sitcom writers on joint projects.

Contact: [email protected] |

Colin Cliffe
Colin Cliffe

Work to Date: New Writer - trying desperately to get in.
Location: South Cheshire, UK.

Have written a Phoenix Nights Christmas Special which nobody wants, despite Dave Spikey saying it was the best script he had read in years. Have now written a real life 6 part comedy which is hilarious (so my mum says). I just need to get somebody in a position of power to read it, maybe I need an agent? Anyone out there that can help me? My sitcom has recently been reviewed my Marc Blake who likened it to Father Ted at it's very best.

Contact: [email protected]

Richard Craig

Work to Date: Scripted full series of my first sitcom, entitled 'Reverend Frog's Box of Tales'.
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

I'm 22 at the mo. I've wanted to be silly for a living for a good while, so I packed in my respectable job at the end of January and decided to put the numerous ideas that I and my brother had come up with into a sitcom.

To date one series is written already, and has been sent about various companies. So far reactions are fairly pleasing although there have been the inevitable rejections because I don't have an agent!

Contact: [email protected]

Lucy Dablin

Work to Date: Numerous sitcom draft scripts and sketches
Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

New to sitcom writing, currently working on a rather dark comedy, previous short-story and novelette writer.

Looking for a co-writer or someone to share ideas with, please get in touch! Wide influences including The New Statesman, Python and Dad's Army

Contact: [email protected]

Janice Day (aka Mrs Pinkerton-Lovely)
Janice Day

Work to Date: 14 three minute radio monologues for Riverside FM. Currently writing a commissioned romcom caper.
Location: Epsom, Surrey.

I also write drama and prose, but comedy writing is my first love. I was selected for the TAPS sitcom course and the series I created for that is a work-in-progress.

I was longlisted for the BBC Three 'End of Sitcom' competition called The Last Laugh. I already have a 1930s character comedy act (see website) and I'm also enjoying a stand-up course with the City Lit Uni in London.

So watch this space.... In the meantime you can hire Mrs Pinkerton-Lovely and her Little Stringed Instrument for your mum's birthday party! You know it makes sense!!

Contact: . Please contact me at [email protected] , or for writing work through my agent, Julian Friedmann, on [email protected]

John Dickinson

Work to Date: Children's songs for cartoons. Comedy sketches (would like to collaborate)
Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England

Writing comedy sketches,aiming at shows like 'Man Stroke Woman' and 'Smack the Pony'. Able to write original and parody type songs very quickly. Have published children's songs for cartoons for the British Council websites aimed at learners of English in China and Egypt.

Contact: [email protected]

Stewart Ferris

Work to Date: 1 series of Pokemon, 30 comedy books and some feature scripts
Location: South East England

OK, so Pokemon isn't a sitcom but I was brought in to improve the level of humour in the animation series and I wrote 14 episodes.

Contact: [email protected]

Oliver Ford

Work to Date: Two draft scripts
Location: Leeds, UK

I am a comedy fanatic and have always wanted to write a sitcom. I have written drafts but they do need improving. I would be happy to work with someone on a project.

Contact: [email protected]

Billy Gibbons

Work to Date: Autobiography (not quite finished yet)
Location: North England

Hi folks, my name is Billy Gibbons and loads of people, over the years, have told me I should write an autobiography, (well, two people did) so I am doing. It's nearly finished, but things keep happening to me every day, so will I ever finish it I ask myself? Probably, when my pen runs out of ink or I pop my clogs. Or things stop happening to me. But, IF I do finish it, what do I do with it? How do you get a book published? Can someone out there help please? Any information will be gratefully read, and acted upon, apart from if it's information about stuff that's got nothing to do with what I asked about. Like, a 100 uses for wasps or why crabs have got their skeletons on the outside. Thank you. Billy (I don't half go on, don't I) Gibbons.

Contact: [email protected] | 07977 749847

David Harrison

Work to Date: Stage plays - sitcom drafts.
Location: Liverpool.

I've been mainly writing for the stage but am now concentrating on writing for TV, cos let's be honest, there's writing for theatre and there's earning wedge. I'd be interested in collaborations with anyone who's into Chris Morris, Peep Show, Partridge etc.

Contact: [email protected]

Neil Harrison and Ian Ainge-Metcalfe

Work to Date: Submissions to Radio 4's 'Bearded Ladies'; Draft TV sitcom script; Draft radio comedy sketch show.
Location: Leeds, UK

We work as a writing team of two. Being based in Leeds, we have a strong northern flavour to our comedy.

Having submitted a number of sketches to BBC Radio 4's 'Bearded Ladies', we are now submitting a treatment, including episode outlines, character biographies and first episode, of our unique, Yorkshire based sitcom to the networks and independent production companies. We have also produced the first draft of a radio comedy sketch show using a topical, modern linking theme but also incorporating historical situations.

We're interested in any medium for comedy including TV, radio, film and the stage, for which we are about to launch a new project. We are generating a lot of material for our own projects but feel that some of it may be of interest to other, specific shows already in production. We would be delighted to receive any approach from existing producers for samples of our material.

Contact: [email protected] | [email protected] | 07746 796173

Cara Harvey

Work to Date: Just starting out developing like a mad woman/ideas bouncing off the walls.
Location: Hong Kong, SAR/ Sydney, Australia

As the Goodies once said - "Anytime Anywhere."

Influences from far, wide and somewhere lost in between.

Currently writing a sitcoms/sketch show, but I'd love to write a variety show, radio comedy program, sitcoms or sketch show that isn t relying on the same characters saying the same phrases week in week out.

Has a strange penchant for the humble radio play and comedy from the darker side of life - (Chris Morris fans I know you're out there somewhere...)

Drop us a line if you need a ear to practice on, want to share giggles over influences on msn, the pain of writers block with or if you want to talk ideas and er to do that comedy writing thing sometime.

Contact: Email: [email protected] | MSN: [email protected]

Declan Hill
Declan Hill

Work to Date: One draft script filmed script in hand by Television And Performance Showcase (TAPS)
Location: Enfield, London

Developed a script through Sitcom Trials and TAPS, still rewriting it for radio.


Bart Hulley
Bart Hulley

Work to Date: 1 Short Film & 4 Sitcom Trials.
Location: Central London / Strasbourg, France

In a former life I was a management consultant and all-round 'techie', but now I regularly write scripts for 'The Sitcom Trials' and 'Axarcomedy Sketch Group'.

Successes include:
1 Short Film showcased at the 'BBC British Short Film Festival';
2 sketches short-listed for Radio 2 s 'Parson's and Naylor's Pull-out Sections' and
4 sitcoms performed by 'The Sitcom Trials'

Contact: [email protected] | | Tel: +44 (0)7713 502 261

Hilary Jennings

Work to Date: Sketches & songparodies for NewsRevue & Treason Show. Sent radio sitcom. Published poet.
Location: East Anglia

Began by writing poetry in 03 but in Nov 04 booked myself on a comedy course and discovered what it feels like for a bloke to be pregnant. After a traumatic birth, the clown-child got its first laugh and after 900+ hours writing was fed its first cheque of just over a fiver. After a well deserved holiday in the garden shed, I feel it is time to explore this lubricrative new career further and may be interested in co-writing if you're funny and not into LB, Ghostman, 2Pints etc. - they just don't do it for me.

Best of luck with the writing to one and all though - H

Contact: [email protected]

Scott Keightley and Steve Mills

Work to Date: We are just starting out writing, we have written 2 sitcom scripts and over 100 sketches.
Location: Peterborough, UK

We are two 26 year olds, whose comedy influences include things from Simpsons to Spike Milligan and the Goonies.

We have written two different uncomissioned sitcom series, and also over 100 sketches. We would really like to work in the comedy industry, particularly as sketch writers/performers but also as sitcom writers. We are open to any job opportunities that arise, be it tv, radio or even stage, and would welcome contact from anyone who would like a sitcom or sketches written for them. Would be willing to work for free to get the break we require.

Contact: [email protected] | [email protected]

Richard Kelly
Richard Kelly

Work to Date: 90 minute sketch shows that have toured northern theatres and arts centres since 2002.
Location: Manchester, England

Although my day job is that of a Politics lecturer in Manchester, since 2002 I've written, produced and performed in a 90 minute satirical sketch show - From Here To Absurdity - which has performed in about 40 separate venues across the north. I also wrote a sketch show - Not The Footlights - which was performed at the 2005 edinburgh fringe by the Northern Youth Theatre. In addition, I've written satirical articles for the Spectator, New Statesman and the Guardian, as well as contributing skits to Private Eye.

Contact: [email protected] | | 07786 280778

Kinney Kincaid

Work to Date: Hundreds and hundreds of topical gags for a daily gag sheet -- details on
Location: East Anglia

We are two 26 year olds, whose comedy influences include things from Simpsons to Spike Milligan and the Goonies.

I've written 2 scripts for a sitcom idea and the best part of a 2 hour drama. I'm a big fan of US sitcoms and like lots of laughs in my scripts. I'm not a fan of smut, filth, toilet humour or swearing. Seinfeld wouldn't do that - that's my watchword.

Contact: [email protected]

Marc McCardie
Marc McCardie

Work to Date: Pilot for sketch show. Film script. Play scripts. Various sketches/gags.
Location: London

I'm a trained actor, trying to break into comedy writing. Particularly interested in writing with a view to performance. Any like-minded writer/performers please feel free to contact me.

Contact: [email protected] |

John McEwen

Work to Date: Just starting out. Several funny poems, some outlines for TV sitcoms and a hilarious "first novel".
Location: South East England

I'm sick of trying to be creative in a vacuum. Time has come for an exchange of ideas, maybe a colaborative project. Is there anyone out there who would like to get in touch by e-mail for our mutual benefit? You will probably be someone who laughs a lot at Blackadder, Coupling and Open All Hours (I know I do).

Contact: [email protected]

Nick McMaster
Nick McMaster

Work to Date: Scriptwriter, Director of "Hanover Square" online audio sitcom soap.
Location: Brighton, UK.

With a background in wide variety of spoken word based live art projects (see ) it was perhaps inevitable that one day I would move into scriptwriting. Initially this started with two independently financed films under the 'cinemtonic' label.

'The Tie' (1999) is a nervously humorous horror-lite street movie, whilst 'For Rent' (2000) is a psychological black comedy seen through the played-out imaginations of five young women.

After a break concentrating on music (see ) I returned back to scriptwriting and the result is online comedy soap opera Hanover Square (2006).

As you can probably tell, I don't tend to involve myself solely in script writing. I involve myself in projects that I aim to make by hook or by crook. I am looking to submit the scripts of Hanover Square to production companies and I have some ideas for other comedy projects.

I've joined this website in the hope of meeting like minded individuals, producers and anyone with whom I can exchange ideas. After a career of being involved in collective art organisations, I've found scriptwriting can be a lonely old business, so drop me a line!

Contact: [email protected] |

Ian Middleton
Ian Middleton

Work to Date: Sketches/one-liners for BBC radio and TV, several pilots, currently developing script with Australia.
Location: London, U.K.

I've had plenty of credits on BBC radio for one-liners and sketches, moved on to a few on TV as well. Several pilots and competitions entered since. Currently very excited to be developing a sitcom idea with a top Australian producer in Sydney (slowly as its being done by email!!).

Contact: [email protected] (the same can be used under MSN). I also have SKYPE and my name there is MIDDERSTWO - although not sure is configured properly yet!

John O'Brien

Work to Date: Several draft scripts plus finished series.
Location: Manchester, UK

Started writing late 2004.

Joined BSCW and CWAUK which has been quite useful.

Had some sketches on telly on STW and odd stuff performed at the Comedy Pub and local theatre in Manchester.

Recently submitted sitcom scripts to BBC Writersroom, Production Companies etc, but no bites yet. Still positive and optimistic though!

If anyone's got the necessary skills, knowledge and contacts, would be interested in forming prodco to prove them all wrong!

Contact: [email protected]

Richard Parker

Work to Date: 2 sitcom pilots and half a film script...
Location: Berkshire, UK

I've written short stories, poetry, novels (well, started them anyway...) and then came to realise screenwriting was the one for me. I've written two sitcom pilot scripts, which I've had postive feedback on, though at present, no takers to develop any further. I'm also working on a film script, which I developed from a stalled crime novel. And all this, in between designing children's books!

Contact: [email protected]

Cameron Phillips

Work to Date: A lot of draft scripts.
Location: Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

I'm 25 years old, I've spent five years in art college studying media and it's led to me working full time in an opticians whilst writing in the evenings and trying to get some kind of commission/headway into the industry. Strange how stuff works out isn't it?

I've written a numberous drafts of a few different ideas, some of which are okay and some of which need a little more work. Tragically, nothing wicked has this way come.

If you're in the same boat or fancy taking a chance then drop me a line.

Contact: [email protected]

Craig Randall

Work to Date: New Writer - Just Starting Out
Location: Norfolk, UK

I am just getting into sitcom writing. I have only written a few sketches and a small parody script in the past and I am now writing a Smoking Room spec before I finally get round to writing my first proper sitcom.

Contact: [email protected]

Keith Rees

Work to Date: Broadcast sitcom, Broadcast Pilot, Broadcast One-off Comedy, and more.
Location: Swansea, South Wales

Have written for many sketch series. Hale & Pace, Spitting Image, Russ Abott, Bobby Davro... Also many Welsh Langauge programmes. Please get in touch for full CV and examples.

Contact: [email protected]

Adam Rigg
Adam Rigg

Work to Date: Series one of sitcom 'Another Shift'
Location: UK

I just like to write funny things.

Contact: [email protected]


Paul Rimmer
Paul Rimmer

Work to Date: 1+ Draft Scripts
Location: Surrey, England

I have been writing sitcoms and sketches for a number of years as a hobby but am now looking to make a career from it. I am currently working on a sitcom and a radio sketch show.

Contact: [email protected] |

Duncan Robertson

Work to Date: Several screenplays, novels and radio / TV sitcoms
Location: in transit, UK

In the past I've developed screenplays for people and reached the final rounds of a few US screenwriting contests, written and performed standup and squeezed out a couple of novels in addition to sitcom work.

I've written sketch material for BBC Wales radio comedy and am currently tinkering with a radio sitcom for a production company.

I've several new ideas in varying states of disrepair and am always on the lookout for new writing opportunities - be that prose, scripting, performing or whatever else may be required.

Contact: [email protected]

Jenny Roche

Work to Date: Several draft sitcom scripts for radio and TV
Location: Rochdale

Author of ' Teach Yourself Comedy Writing '
Have sold gags and sketches to Radio 2 and Radio 4 also the following TV shows: The Brian Conley Show, The 11 O'clock Show, Clec-x and No Limits plus children's sketch shows Giggly Bitz and Friday Zone.
Have sold sketches to TV shows in Belgium and Germany.
I teach comedy writing and sitcom writing courses at Manchester University.
Former Chairperson and Market Information Officer with the Comedy Writers Association UK.


The Slagg Brothers
The Slagg Brothers

Work to Date: See our website.
Location: Wales

We've been writing and performing our material since 2003. We've written a feature-length film, sketches, and several sitcom pilots. We've also written, directed, and edited a two-minute promo DVD.

Contact: | / [email protected]

Mark Smith

Work to Date: Wrote and produced a spoof sports docu 'Slipstream the Phil Giles Story'.
Location: -

Started out pissing ethnic minorities off (actors, milk men, people from Reading, Jehovas Witnesses, etc) by writing poetry about them. Highlights inlcude 'The Jehovas Wtiness Christmas Carol' low points 'Flowers-Bastards' a Tribute to Chelsea. I've scored a number of spoof documentaries including one which is about to complete about the British SuperBike league ( video ).

Contact: [email protected] | 07766 064411

Paul Smith

Work to Date: One Nick & Perry the alien dogs episode. Currently working on Feature.
Location: Swansea, Wales.

My current project would probably break the bank of most of the major studios so I am looking for inspiration in the comfort of cold hard cash. I can write anything for anybody. Hire me.

Contact: [email protected]

Alan Stafford

Work to Date: Topical gags, sketches, radio plays and comedy documentaries.
Location: East Anglia

I'm a regular commissioned writer of topical sketches and stand-up on Radio 2's It's Been A Bad Week and Parsons & Naylor's Pull-Out Sections. I've also written topicals for Bremner, Bird & Fortune, Loose Ends, News Huddlines and 4 series of the 11 O'Clock Show.

My radio play All Fingers and Thumbs was about deafness and sign language and starred Bill Nighy, Susannah Doyle and Jenny Eclair.

I wrote and researched a 4-part radio archive series about unseen characters in comedy shows, called Absent Friends. This was hosted by Tony Hawks and is repeated on Radio 4 at 8.30 pm on Sundays 4, 11, 18 and 25 June. I also scripted a 2-part radio documentary on TV's Comedy Playhouse (presenter: Tim Brooke-Taylor). Further archive shows are currently in development.


Mark Taylor

Work to Date: Stand-up comedy around 3/4 years ago, just writing since, sitcoms and shorts, undeveloped.
Location: Milton Keynes, Nottingham or North Wales, no fixed abode.

Young writer, I performed stand-up comedy for a while in dingy clubs, then decided to concentrate on writing. Just had a script knocked back from Channel 4 directly, they pointed me in the direction of PACT and so I intend to keep pimping it out. If anyone would like to chat about comedy or script ideas, I'm always up for it. Likes: Larry David, surrealist things, Family Guy, Bill Hicks, Woody Allen. Dislikes: My Family (the TV show).

Contact: [email protected]

Scott Thompson

Work to Date: 5+ Draft Scripts
Location: London

Journalist by day. Aspiring sitcom writer by night (and weekend). Influences include Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Only Fools & Horses and Dad's Army.

Contact: [email protected]

Steve Voyce

Work to Date: some years ago, I had some sketches on "Naked Video", "Alas Smith and Jones" and a children's sketch series.
Location: S. Wales

I am trying to re-enter the industry after quite a long lay off: a disability has prevented me from continuing in my care work profession, and I hope to eventually become a full time screenwriter. Together with a writing colleague we have written several feature length film scripts, various sitcom pilots and comedy dramas. I also write solo, mostly sitcoms.

Contact: [email protected]

Steve White

Work to Date: new writer, sketches, 2 docu-comedy synopsis
Location: Chichester

I write funny sketches, have written 2 synopsis for documentary comedy programmes. The first is based in a hospital but around the portering department. The second is all about a rural angling club.

I have produced two productions whilst at college, the first being 'No Way Out' which tells the story of an alcoholic (not a comedy). The second called 'Angling Aerobics' which is a comedy... obviously. Both are shorts and roll in at five minutes each.

I have also written a short based on dementia which is funny but not in a derogatory way. It is based on a real life experience I had whilst working in a hospital.

Contact: | 07845039911

Iwan Williams

Work to Date: Just Starting Out
Location: Swansea, South Wales

Have written several bits and pieces for stand-up performance. Hitherto, have not had the balls to perform it. Would be interested in contacting like minded people to write comedy/bounce ideas off. I have quite a weird sense of humour, could be described as sick. Influences include Chris Morris, Richard Pryor, Fry and Laurie and Larry David.

Contact: [email protected]

Neil Williams

Work to Date: 2 Draft Scripts
Location: Manchester, UK

I co-wrote 2 scripts intended as the first 2 episodes of a radio sitcom. We never got round to submitting the scripts or the original intention of producing it ourselves. I became sidetracked when I had to concentrate on studying for my HND in Procrastinology. Still not finished. Most fond of surreal and word-based humour. I also recently bought a pen and notebook for writing ideas down! £3.99 for the set from WHSmith. Contact me if you wish to pay me large sums of money, or if you need to borrow a pen and/or notebook.

Contact: [email protected]

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