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We've got sitcom expert Marc Blake to offer our readers a discounted rate for his services! We think it's vitally important that serious writers get feedback on their draft script before sending it off to producers. A consultation can help you hone that draft so that it causes excitement at the production company offices rather than lining their bins. Working with a consultant can help you unearth fresh approaches and ideas and offers a truly objective view.

We at the British Sitcom Guide sadly don't have the time or expertise to provide a consultation service so we've asked leading humour consultant Marc Blake to provide our visitors with a customised Sitcom Consultancy Service at a hugely discounted rate of just £50 per script.

  • How do I know my script is finished?
  • Are my characters and relationships defined?
  • Is my plot working? Resolved?
  • Is my sitcom funny?
  • Will my sitcom sell?

Marc Blake If you are asking these questions of your script then Marc Blake's Consultancy Service is what you need. Marc will help you work through any issues in your script so you can confidently head out to get it commissioned.

Marc Blake is a leading British humour consultant as well as the author of the great 'How to be a Sitcom Writer'. He also runs writing workshops at City University.

Writers who've already sent their scripts to Marc have been very impressed with the results. We've compiled a page of testimonials - please do read them as we think they'll convince you that this is indeed a service worth signing up for!

To find out more about Marc's Consultancy Service simply fill in the below form. Your details will be emailed to Marc who'll then get in touch with you. You are not signing up for anything by entering your details here and you can be assured that fees will always be confirmed and agreed before any report is compiled. All correspondence is naturally in strict confidence.

All business agreements are between yourself and Marc Blake. The British Sitcom Guide does not offer nor is involved in the consultancy service advertised above.

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