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The Worst Week of my Life THE WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE

Programme: The Worst Week of my Life
Broadcast: 2004 - 2005    ( BBC )
Episodes: 14 (2 series)
Starring: Ben Miller, Sarah Alexander
Written by: Mark Bussell, Justin Sbresni
Directed by: Dan Zeff
Production: Hat Trick Productions More info

A sitcom about how getting married turns into the week from hell for Howard Steel. He manages to do a very good job of making his parents-in-law hate him but not such a good job of shaking off his barking mad stalker Cassie.

In series two Howard and Mel, now married, have a baby on the way. Unsurprisingly things are far from smooth going and Howard manages to make the Cook family hate him even more.

BSG Review:

Highly embarrassing and highly funny this programme was one of the best new sitcoms to grace our screens in 2004. With no laugh track or obvious one-liners much of the comedy came in the form of Howard's bad luck and totally stupid actions.

"The Worst Week of my Life" will remind many of the Ben Stiller film "Meet the Parents" because, like in that, the groom-to-be does everything wrong that he possibly can - for example in the first two episodes Howard managed to lose the wedding ring twice, kill his fiancee's parent's dog and give the impression he has thrown his toilet stool out of the bathroom window.

Comedy at a basic level but very good, very embarrassing and most importantly very funny!

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