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Programme: Watching
Broadcast: 1987 - 1993   ( ITV )
Episodes: 52 (7 series) + 4 Specials
Starring: Paul Brown, Emma Wray, Liza Tabuck
Written by: Jim Hitchmough
Directed by: Les Chatfield
Production: Granada Television More info

Based around the relationship of keen bird watchers, Malcolm Stoney and Brenda Wilson, it follows their extremly rocky and turbulant relationship. They are constantly in and out of love and at one point it looks like Bremda has lost Malcolm forever when he marries another woman. It also looks at Brendas relationship with her more suburbian sister Pam. Malcolm is a mummies boy whilst Brenda is a fiesty, independant female of the species.

BSG Review:

One of ITV's most durable sitcoms in the last thirty years. Watching is remembered for its wit, good acting and great storylines; however it may look a little dated now.

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