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Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps TWO PINTS

Programme: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
Broadcast: 2001 - 2006    ( BBC )
Episodes: 54 (6 series)
Starring: Natalie Casey, Will Mellor, Ralf Little, Sheridan Smith, Kathryn Drysdale, Beverley Callard, Lee Oakes, Jonathon Dutton
Written by: Susan Nickson, Daniel Peak
Produced by: Stephen McCrum
Directed by: Gareth Carrivick
Music by: Christian Henson, Simon Brint
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

"Two Pints" follows the lives and loves of five friends. Donna and Gaz are just starting off their relationship while Janet and Jonny seem to have a solid romance and Louise is somewhat unlucky in love. The friends usually meet at one of the two local pubs and just chat about sex and life. Donna always gets her advice from her sex mad mum! At the end of each series viewers are presented with a cliff-hanger which leaves it in the air as to whether the couples will stay together. In series three Gaz's half brother, Munch, was introduced and Louise finally finds a bloke, Australian David.

BSG Review:

If is often said that "Two Pints" is a UK version of the American sitcom "Friends", however unlike Friends this is a very British sitcom set around the working classes which contains more cutting edge humour and certainly has a smaller budget!

This BBC sitcom is aimed directly at teenagers and young adults so much of the humour is rude, crude and sex related; be warned if you're not in the target audience you may find the show vulgar and anything but funny however if you are you'll probably love it. We think the 2003 Christmas Special, a musical, was a cracking episode, it was certainly was a very brave move by all involved.

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