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Programme: TLC
Broadcast: 2002 ( BBC2 )
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: Reece Shearsmith, Alexander Armstrong, Georgia Mackenzie, Llewella Gideon, Erich Redman, Benedict Wong, Richard Griffiths, Tom Watt, Martin Treneman, Tim Brooke-Taylor
Written by: Fintan Coyle
Directed by: Geoff Posner
Production: Pozzitive Productions More info

TLC was a surreal sitcom set inside a dysfunctional London NHS hospital named South Middlesex. It followed Dr Laurence Flynn (Reece Shearsmith from " The League of Gentlemen ") a neurotic, bumbling, shy junior house surgeon.

Flynn was not very popular with the rest of the staff thus they saw him as an easy target for practical jokes, constant reminding of his medical and personal troubles and humiliation. With this, Laurence also has to deal with the fact that the staff at South Middlesex aren't exactly what you would call normal. He finds out that his nervy madness is just another face in the crowd of the offbeat hospital. Oh and did I mention his severe lack of sleep and of course the patients!

BSG Review:

Despite what the majority of people say about this series including critics, this will be a TV show that I will always love and certainly never forget in my life.

But this is not due to the incredibly cringe-worthily poor comedy lines or the unfunny pointless supporting characters such as the Chaplain (Tim Brooke Taylor), the guy in the wheelchair (Martin Treneman) and Sid (Tom Watt), nor the utterly irritating cheap cheesy music, it is due to the brilliant performance of the leading characters including Gasman (Erich Redman) and Terry (Benedict Wong).

Reece Shearsmith was great as Laurence Flynn as was Alexander Armstrong as his clued up cynical mentor Dr Stephen Noble. The pair formed an impressive comedy duo that made their scenes the most memorable. What makes me really angry is the fact that this series could have easily been a cult classic if it weren't for the “minor injuries” that I mentioned. Call me obsessive if you want but like they say, every TV show has an obsessed fan. I'm the tlc one!

Written by Ziggy Newman. Added by the BSG Editor...

In my opinion TLC had some potential but the crude and infantile jokes let it down. See the more recent " Green Wing " for how things should have been done and of course the American sitcom "Scrubs" for how to construct zany characters.

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