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Programme: The Thin Blue Line
Broadcast: 1995 - 1996   ( BBC )
Episodes: 14 (2 series)
Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Serena Evans, David Haig, Mina Anwar, James Dreyfus, Rudolph Walker, Kevin Allen, Mark Addy
Written by: Ben Elton
Directed by: John Birkin
Production: Tiger Aspect Productions More info

Police Inspector Raymond Fowler is in charge of the uniformed police officers at Gasforth Police Station. They include the very camp Kevin Goody, Constable Gladstone and brainy Constable Habib. Fowler, who is an old fashioned policeman and does everything by the book, is in an unsatisfactory long-term relationship with Desk Sergeant Dawkins. The yobbish CID, lead by the bitter and constantly complaining Derek Grim, clash constantly with the uniformed officers with which they must share the station.

BSG Review:

"The Thin Blue Line" is regarded as one of the best sitcoms to be made in the 90s. Although only two series were filmed it is well remembered and much loved thanks to a brilliant cast and Elton's clever scripts. Atkinson gets to deliver more trademark put-downs, Dreyfus does a brilliant job of acting camp and David Haig excels as the wonderfully upset Grim (a character which in our opinion is one of the best in sitcom history).

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