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Sykes and A... SYKES AND A...

Programme: Sykes and A...
Broadcast: 1960 - 1965   ( BBC )
Episodes: 60 (9 series)
Starring: Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques, Richard Wattis
Written by: Eric Sykes, Johnny Speight, John Antrobus, Spike Milligan
Produced by: Dennis Main Wilson, Sydney Lotterby, Philip Barker
Directed by: Sydney Lotterby, Philip Barker, Vere Lorrimer
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques play twins living together at 24 Sebeastapol Terrace. Each episode was titles "Sykes And A..." - the theme of the episode completed the title. Along with their snobbish neighbour, Mr Brown they find themselves in many hilarious situations. During Series 3 Mr Brown left to emigrate to Australia.

BSG Review:

This sitcom was one of the greatest comedy programmes of the 1960s. Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques had marvelous chemistry on screen, in fact so much so that some viewers thought they were twins in real life.

This series was revived in 1972 seven years after the last episode, it was entitled "Sykes". Many of the episodes were colour remakes of previous "Sykes And A..." episodes.


Sykes (partial re-make)

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