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Programme: Sykes
Broadcast: 1972 - 1979   ( BBC )
Episodes: 68 (7 series)
Starring: Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques, Deryck Guyler
Written by: Eric Sykes
Produced by: Roger Race
Directed by: Roger Race
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques play twins living together at 24 Sebastapol Terrace. They find themselves involved in many hilarious situations along with their snobbish neighbour, Mr Brown and local constable "Corky".

After series three Mrs Rumbalow replaced Mr Brown as the next door neighbour.

BSG Review:

One of the all time great British sitcoms. Many of these episodes were colour remakes of the 1960s series of " Sykes And A... " which ran for nine series. 'Sykes' was good, clean fun and its actors, Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques were so well paired that many viewers believed them to be brother and sister in real life. If you feel like watching a traditional British sitcom this is the one to watch. The series ended in 1979 after the unfortunate death of Hattie Jaques.


Sykes and A...

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