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Programme: Supernova
Broadcast: 2005 ( BBC2 )
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: Rob Brydon
Written by: Harry Cripps
Directed by: Matt Lipsey
Production: Hartswood Films Ltd More info

Sitcom set in Australia. As he lands with a jolt on the scorching red earth of the Australian outback, a glorious new life lies ahead for pale and hapless British astronomer Dr Paul Hamilton.

Braving the heat, noxious toads and the crazy locals, Dr Paul joins a motley crew of highly intelligent Australian scientists at one of the world's most advanced facilities. However, it seems that black holes, cosmic stardust and primal gases are far simpler to deal with than the age-old mysteries of love, life and the universe.

BSG Review:

This sitcom was slightly funnier than we were expecting - don't get us wrong though - it still isn't that funny. It just proves it is hard to make science funny - a shame because an Aussie based sitcom could be rather good! Fans of the show will be pleased to hear that a second series is on the way - lets hope they can build on the foundations set in the first.


A second series has been commissioned.

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