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Last of the Summer Wine LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE

Programme: Last of the Summer Wine
Broadcast: 1973 - present    ( BBC )
Episodes: 247+ (28 series) - warning! sorry we've lost count of episodes. correct
Starring: Bill Owen, Peter Sallis, Brian Wilde and many more.
Written by: Roy Clarke
Directed by: Alan J.W. Bell
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

A group of male pensioners, including Compo, Clegg and Foggy, are ageing delinquents who carry out boyish pranks in a quiet Yorkshire village. Their japes revolve around daredevil stunts aimed at wooing their lady friends or getting male chums out of trouble.

BSG Review:

It would be hard to argue that "Last of the Summer Wine" is anything but a British classic as it is easily the longest running sitcom of all time; well over 200 episodes of this sitcom have been filmed since its pilot in 1973. "Last of the Summer Wine" is an inoffensive sitcom which slowly gets viewers hooked watching the three central characters and their latest crazy stunt. Not everyone likes it though - quite a few of the TV critics and viewers have called it "boring, outdated, slow and un-funny".

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