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Programme: Still Game
Broadcast: 2002 - 2005   ( BBC Scotland / BBC2 )
Episodes: 28 (4 series)
Starring: Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill
Written by: Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill
Produced by: Colin Gilbert, Michael Hines
Directed by: Colin Gilbert, Michael Hines
Production: F 'n' G Productions, The Comedy Unit

Scottish pensioners Jack and Victor strike a blow against ageism with their rascally antics.

BSG Review:

A gentle but very funny sitcom which brings a smile to the face. It has some great moments played out by well-defined characters. Many viewers might find the Scottish accent hard to decipher at first but stay with it as unlike most sitcoms about at the moment it will actually make you laugh out loud. The " Courting " episode is a classic!

The BBC had come under fire for having only shown 5 episodes from the first two series in England however it looks like they've now come to their senses as the entire 4th series was shown on BBC2 in its entirety. In fact it looks like the corporation have realised what a hit they have on their hands as the latest Christmas special went out on BBC1! Bring on series 5 we say!

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