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Programme: Spaced
Episodes: 14 (2 series)
Starring: Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson, Julia Deakin
Written by: Jessica Stevenson, Simon Pegg

Tim is a comic book artist who has just split up with Sarah, the love of his life. Daisy is an aspiring writer-journalist desperate to leave the squat where she lives. The two decide to pose as a professional couple in order to find a decent flat to rent.

BSG Review: A great sitcom which could have, and should have, run for more seasons. It certainly had a unique filming style, containing fantasy sections, slow-motion scenes, dreamy flashbacks and much more : very refreshing. In addition Spaced is one of the only situation comedies to have been set around young people in the 1990s, thus clubbing, drug taking and casual relationships all featured in the plots making the show quite cutting edge. Certainly one of the better 90s sitcoms.

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