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Programme: The Smoking Room
Broadcast: 2004 - 2005   ( BBC3 )
Episodes: 16 (2 series)
Starring: Paula Wilcox, Robert Webb, Siobhan Redmond, Jeremy Swift, Debbie Chazen, Selina Griffiths, Leslie Schofield, Fraser Ayres and Nadine Marshall
Written by: Brian Dooley
Directed by: Gareth Carrivick
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

Sitcom focusing on a disparate group of smokers who frequent an office smoking room. Set entirely in the smoking room, this eight-part comedy series explores the personal foibles and suppressed longings of an oddly assorted bunch of characters. These individuals wouldn't normally even socialise together, but their shared love of nicotine provides a tenuous link between them all.

BSG Review:

This BBC3 sitcom has split viewers and critics alike right down the middle. It's like marmite - it's something you either love or hate.

Each episode starts slowly but soon picks up, with Clint sparking much of the humour. Len adds a touch of filth, with his constant swearing, which only adds to the comedy value. Be warned though, it takes a while to get into the characters (but doesn't it always)... however Clint, Lils, Len, Sally, Annie & Rob soon become very familiar.

BSG visitor Damien adds "This show just gets better and better. You've really got to get to know the characters to pick up on all the jokes. I like the way they've hold so much info back until later episodes - like Robin being a closet gay - instead of spelling everything out from day one." and Steven has written to us to say "The Smoking Room is fantastic, doing what British comedy does best, flawed but lovable people stumbling through life, love and work. I'm hooked."

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