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Programme: My Husband and I
Broadcast: 1987 - 1988   ( ITV )
Episodes: 15 (2 series)
Starring: Mollie Sugden, William Moore, Deddie Davies
Written by: Pam Valentine, Michael Ashton
Directed by: Graham Wetherell
Production: Yorkshire Television More info

Nora Powers is the HR director at Ashvale Advertising. Her husband George is given the job of Chief Commissionaire at Ashvale, causing some embarrassment to Nora.

BSG Review:

A sort of sequel to " That's My Boy ". Although both star Mollie Sugden and are written and produced by the same team the two sitcoms couldn't be more different. "That's My Boy" fared good whereas "My Husband And I" fared terribly - it had no funny lines or situations at all - a dreadful sitcom!

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"My Husband And I" (1956) - unrelated sitcom with same name.

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