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Programme: Heil Honey I'm Home!
Broadcast: 1990 ( BSB )
Episodes: 8 (only 1 broadcast)
Starring: Neil McCaul, DeNica Fairman
Written by: Geoff Atkinson
Produced by: Harry Waterson
Directed by: Juliet May
Production: Noel Gay Television More info

Suburban dwellers, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, are less than pleased to discover that their new neighbours, the Goldensteins, are Jewish.

BSG Review:

Eight episodes of this were shot, although only one was broadcast and very few people actually saw it (this bizarre programme emerged via the short-lived British Satellite Broadcasting in the early 1990s). Fifteen years later, the remaining seven episodes have still to see the light of day. Yet "Heil Honey I'm Home!" is possibly the most infamous of all Britcoms, grabbing a ridiculously large amount of media coverage when it limped on to our screens and receiving a second life courtesy of shows like Channel Four's "The 100 Greatest TV Moments From Hell" (where it made number 61.)

The show is obviously meant to be a parody (in the vein of 'The Producers') and not the sick joke that was savaged by the media. Unfortunately, it's a mind-bogglingly unfunny parody and also a candidate for worst British sitcom of all time. Operating as a spoof of those corny 1950/60s US shows that were all silly plots and moral lessons, 'Heil Honey I'm Home!' piles on cheesy dialogue, OTT performances, riotous applause whenever a character arrives on set and hopes for the best. It's hard to think of a bigger misfire and this from an industry that has produced such gems as ' Curry and Chips ' and ' Mind Your Language '. Even worse, the entire enterprise generates a nauseating air of smugness - somewhat unsurprisingly, the show is nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is. It's a one joke idea that wouldn't make for an entertaining sketch, let alone a television series - file under 'how the hell did this get commissioned?'

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