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Programme: Hallelujah!
Broadcast: 1981 - 1984   ( BBC )
Episodes: 22 (3 series)
Starring: Thora Hird, Patsy Rowlands, Rosamund Greenwood
Written by: Dick Sharples
Directed by: Ronnie Baxter
Production: Yorkshire Television More info

Sitcom based around a Salvation Army Officer and her everyday problems. Emily Ridley is a Captain in the Salvation Army, after 32 years service, her superiors want her to retire. When she expresses her reluctance to do so, she's transferred to a series of "quiet postings" in various small Yorkshire towns however once Emily, with the assistance of her niece Alice Meredith, gets to work each of her new postings proves to be anything but quiet!

BSG Review:

"Hallelujah!" wasn't a top rated sitcom however it did pick up quite a following and lasted three series.

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