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Programme: Boys from the Bush
Episodes: 20 (2 series)
Starring: Tim Healy (as Reg Toomer), Chris Haywood (as Dennis Tontine), Mark Haddigan (as Lez), Nadine Garner (as Arlene Toomer)
Written by: Douglas Livingstone

Australian themed sitcom about Reg Toomer and Dennis Tontine, partners in a private detective agency called Melbourne Confidential, based in Melbourne Australia.

Reg is married to Doris (they both originate from Shepherds Bush and immigrated to Australia 20+ years ago). They have a daughter Arlene (Ozzy born). Reg is an ardent supporter of QPR, and generally hates Australia. Dennis is single, although he was once married to Corrie.

The offices of Melbourne Confidential are situated above a brothel. The Brothel is run by Delila, who Reg and Dennis know quite well (friends of course!). The two of them get up to many very humorous exploits which normally involve family and friends. One involves Arlene getting married in the Brothel!

BSG Review: Excellently acted and very funny, this sitcom was much loved however didn't hang round on our screens for long.

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