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Programme: An Actor's Life For Me
Broadcast: 1991 ( BBC )
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: John Gordon-Sinclair, Gina McKee, Victor Spinetti
Written by: Paul Mayhew-Archer
Directed by: Bryan Izzard
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

A struggling actor, Robert Neilson (John Gordon-Sinclair) gets himself into various scrapes as he takes often humiliating jobs (e.g. the classic play "Strap up your Jocks") in his attempts to get his career off the ground. Victor Spinetti plays the agent trying to get it all together, and Gina McKee is his long-suffering girlfriend, Susan.

BSG Review:

This is a highly underrated sitcom. Extraordinarily never repeated after its original broadcast in 1991 it is full of laugh out loud moments in the true tradition of British farce sitcoms. Similar in style and feel to the other much underrated and non-repeated sitcom " Joking Apart ".


Following this series, Paul Mayhew-Archer went on to write Nelson's Column, also starring John Gordon-Sinclair.

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