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Programme: Red Dwarf
Written by: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor, Paul Alexander
Directed by: Andy DeEmmony, Rob Grant, Juliet May, Doug Naylor, Ed Bye
Synopsis: This space sitcom observes the goings on aboard Red Dwarf, a damaged mining spaceship. David Lister is the only survivor after a explosion on-board and he must spend the rest of his life traveling with a hologram of his least favourite crew mate, Arnold Rimmer (a failed 'officer' who likes to enforce pointless rules). The only other animated objects he has for company are a hyper-evolved vain cat, Kryten (an android with no feelings) and the ship's sarcastic computer.
BSG Review:

Anyone reading the above synopsis would think the idea behind this sitcom isn't a particularly good one. You would be wrong though as this is a first class production and very funny as well. At times a bit low budget and slightly repetitive but overall well worth watching. The comedy certainly benefits from the ability to suspend reality, allowing for funny situations to be created which are not normally possible in a sitcom (e.g. time travel, mad robots and morphing into other people all feature)

Red Dwarf's large world-wide fan base are now looking forward to the film currently in production.

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