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Programme: Phoenix Nights / Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights
Written by: Peter Kay, Dave Spikey, Neil Fitzmaurice
Synopsis: Bad-tempered, wheelchair-bound Brian Potter runs a Bolton social club called The Phoenix. He is low on luck though as the club has been closed many times with problems ranging from fires to floods. The struggling Phoenix club is staffed by an odd bunch including licensee Jerry St Clair.
BSG Review: "Phoenix Nights" is a brilliant sitcom from the always funny Peter Kay. Critically acclaimed and an instant cult hit, this very oddball sitcom has quickly moved into the mainstream thanks to a host of memorable characters, clever writing and amusing situations.
Notes: Phoenix Nights began life as a one-off episode of "That Peter Kay Thing" called "In The Club". The first series included Kay's name in the title however this was dropped in the second series. News reports suggest Kay may infact write a third series after all.
See Also: Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere (spin-off)

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