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Oh, Doctor Beeching! OH DOCTOR BEECHING!

Programme: Oh, Doctor Beeching!
Broadcast: 1995 - 1997   ( BBC )
Episodes: 20 (2 series)
Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, Jeffery Holland, Julia Deakin, Stephen Lewis, Barabara New, Paul Asdpen, Ivor Roberts, Perry Benson, Terry John, Tara Daniels, Lindsay Grimshaw, Richard Spendlove
Written by: David Croft, Richard Spendlove
Produced by: David Croft, Charles Garland
Directed by: David Croft, Roy Gould
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

The year is 1963 and the new station master of Hatley Station has just been informed that many of Britain's less used railway stations could be closed by Dr. Beeching. However the staff at Hatley Station do the their best to keep the place ticking over. The new staion master, Cecil Parking is delighted to find May Skinner working in the refeshment room. It turns out that May and Cecil had an affair during the war. It's up to May to keep this a secert from her very jealous husband, Jack.

BSG Review:

This was another fine example of David Croft's period style sitcom. Su Pollard carried the show with her own great style of comedy and the rest of the cast put in good performances. Whilst not one of the best sitcoms ever Richard Spendlove and David Croft's script does offer funny dialogue and many enjoyable moments.


Paul Shane, Jeffery Holland and Su Pollard appeared together in two other of David Croft's sitcoms, " Hi-De-Hi " and " You Rang, M'Lord? ".

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