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Programme: Nighty Night
Broadcast: 2004 - 2005    ( BBC3 )
Episodes: 12 (2 series)
Starring: Julia Davis, Angus Deayton, Rebecca Front, Kevil Eldon, Ruth Jones, Mark Gatiss, Marc Wootton
Written by: Julia Davis
Directed by: Tony Dow
Production: Baby Cow Productions More info

Jill is a monstrously self-involved beautician whose husband, Terry, is dying of cancer. Her reaction to such terrible news is to tell everyone that Terry has died and pursue her neighbour, Don, a doctor whose wife is suffering from MS.

She commits mass-murder at the end of series one but successfully frames Glen for all the murders, for which he is being detained at Her Majesty's pleasure in Bettle Lodge - an institution for the mentally insane.

Jill is now moving on with her life, but first she must visit Glen and relieve him of the burden of his chip and pin number.

However, Jill's one objective remains - to find Don and make him hers. She drugs and kidnaps Linda, hooks her caravan to her bright pink jeep and sets off to north Cornwall, where Cath and Don are currently working through their marital problems at the Trees Therapy Centre.

BSG Review:

First shown on BBC3, "Nighty Night" is actually really good if you're into dark humour. The show is packed full of comedy talent so there shouldn't be any surprise that it's funny (Rebecca Front is especially good as Don's wife Cath).

Be warned though this sitcom contains extremely black humour; for example the first episode of the first series featured suicide, asthma attacks, multiple sclerosis, cancer and some horrible put-downs by the monstrous Jill (who makes David Brent look like an angel, seriously she is pure evil - you'll hate her). Don't let this put you off though, it's well worth watching if you can stomach the bleak premise and Jill's painfully embarrassing behaviour.

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