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New Programmes (in production)

The following new sitcoms are currently being written or filmed. If you have updated news on any of the below, have heard about a new sitcom not listed or would like to help us create a guide for any of these programmes please do get in touch .

Home Again (BBC1) - Starts Friday May 5th, full guide soon!

BBC1 sitcom featuring Samantha Janus and Bruce Mackinnon. With rents rising and house prices rocketing it now seems impossible for young couples with an average income to get a foot on the property ladder.

For Mark and Ingrid Ryder, a married couple in their late twenties, the solution is to put their stuff in storage and move into the spare room of Ingrid's middle-aged parents, Graham and Sheila Muir. Sheila resents the disruption of her busy retirement, Mark resents the suggestion that his career is "not a proper job", Ingrid resents Sheila's interference in her personal life and Graham resents Sheila, Mark and Ingrid.

'Home Again' is written by Ian Brown and James Hendrie, writers of 'My Family' and also stars Peter Egan and Sinead Cusack as Graham and Sheila.

Not Going Out (BBC1)

Sitcom featuring stand-up Lee Mack as a flatmate to a friend called Kate. Tim Vine will be Mack's best friend. Flatmates Lee and Kate have an easy-going comfortable friendship... but is that all it is? They are starting to wander into uneasy ground as Kate nags Lee to get a proper job. Things are further complicated by the fact that Lee's best mate College is Kate's ex-boyfriend.

The series is being written by Andrew Collins and Lee Mack. Following the successful pilot filmed in September the pair are writing a further five episodes which are scheduled for the autumn. Update: Catherine Tate who appeared in the pilot will not be in the series after all.

Home (BBC)

"Little Britain" star David Walliams is writing a new sitcom with "Marion and Geoff" actor Rob Brydon. The show, named "Home", will see the writers playing two brothers who care for a single old person (Ronnie Corbett) at a care home while constantly bickering with each other.

10:96 (BBC3)

A police sitcom from the BBC's Manchester-based comedy unit. 10:96 will star Neil Fitzmaurice ( Phoenix Nights ) and Chris Bisson (Coronation Street) as police officers patrolling Manchester's rough but fictional 'Langthorpe Estate'. Fitzmaurice plays acting Sergeant Gary Barnes, who is overly-sensitive about causing offence and consequently often says the wrong thing to his Asian partner, rookie PC David Sands, played by Bisson.

La Triviata (C4)

A new sitcom from Simon Pegg (of " Spaced " and "Shaun of the Dead" fame) about a pub quiz team.

Grownups (BBC3)

A follow-up to Two Pints of Lager starring Sheridan Smith, who played Janet in Two Pints, as 26-year-old Michelle. The series will be set in Manchester's Northern Quarter and will be about how Michelle is "really freakin' out about her singledom and is in a running battle between career and partying." Recorded in London in August - October - now editing.

I'm With Stupid (BBC3)

Following the success of the pilot BBC3 have commissioned a six run series of "I'm With Stupid". Paul Henshall and Mark Benton head the cast of this sitcom in which documents the unlikely relationship between Paul, a wheelchair user, and a homeless man called Sheldon. [ press release ]

The Whipping Game (TBA)

Sitcom about a down on their luck couple who move into a flat previously occupied by a Professional Dominatrix. Dave is a thirty-something cab driver who is always looking for the next big thing while Lisa, the more practical of the two, is content to let Dave do the dreaming. Within days of moving into their new home, they learn that the flat's previous occupant was a Professional Dominatrix who has since moved to Spain after finding her very own "Richard Gere" And that would be that save for one important thing. . . The telephone line is still connected. . . And the Clients are still calling! [ Website ]

Ant & Dec Sitcom - Unknown Title (ITV)

ITV rating sensations Ant and Dec have announced they are talking to Granada about staring in their own sitcom. The likable hosts of the hit shows "Pop Idol", "I'm A Celebrity...", "Saturday Night Takeaway" and "Gameshow Marathon" have had meetings with TV bosses about a new show which is based loosely on their own life stories.

In the new sitcom they will play old school buddies. They lose contact with each other, then meet up just as each of them reaches a crossroads in their life. Ant's character has given up his job as a crew member on posh yachts and decides to sleep on Dec's sofa. Dec's character is single, having been dumped by his girlfriend.

Pub Sitcom - Unknown Title (ITV)

A ‘Cheers-style’ sitcom by ITV. ITV1 is working on the pilot with American sitcom supremo Fred Barron, who helped create BBC1 hit sitcom My Family. The show will have ‘stellar casting,’ according to controller of comedy Sioned Wiliam.

Seven Second Delay (ITV)

A Granada comedy being piloted by ITV1. Stars Chris Langham as a radio talkshow host, while Sally Phillips co-stars as his neighbour, a barrister who is in the throes of a divorce. Will also feature Cavan Clerkin, Stewart Wright, Ben Crompton and Katie Lyons. "Seven Second Delay is about that window of opportunity which allows us pause to think clearly, weigh up the pros and cons - and then make the wrong decision," says Langham.

Teenage Supermodel (BBC3)

'Teenage Supermodel' (only a working title) will be about a working-class family thrown into the spotlight when their teenage daughter becomes a supermodel. The BBC3 show will be created by Carmel Morgan, who previously worked on The Royle Family and produced by the brand new Hat Trick North Productions. Filming starts in January.

"The Webbs are average, white, working-class Brits. Three kids, modest semi on a down-at-heel estate, a few grands' debt on credit cards, two weeks in Benidorm every August, tight-knit gang of mates, in-laws within spitting distance, Saturday night down the Belgrave, Sunday roast at Nana's, same numbers on the lottery every week. Dead normal. But when daughter Ashley gets spotted by a model scout, she is unexpectedly thrust into the limelight, and life for the Webbs can never be normal again."

Jam And Jerusalem (BBC1?)

A new sitcom by Jennifer Saunders about the Woman's Institute. Filming has begun on the new comedy which will star Saunders and her Absolutely Fabulous co-star Joanna Lumley. It is reported that it will feature many of famous cameo appearances.

Feel the Force (BBC2)

A new sitcom which the BBC are billing as a 'comic cross between the Dukes of Hazzard and Cagney and Lacey'. The comedy, which will star Doon Mackichan and Michelle Gomez is to be filming in Glasgow early in 2006. Mackichan and Gomez will play Frank and Bobbins, two policewomen with dodgy hairstyles who try to avoid being demoted by their ogreish boss.

Slings And Arrows

A sitcom pilot by Lenny Henry and Kim Fuller. The comedy will be based on Henry's experiences as a mature student. "It’s about mature students – or immature students" Henry is quoted as saying.

The Visit (BBC3)

Written by Tony Burgess (Ideal), this new comedy is based on the events surrounding visiting time at a low security prison. The Producer is Jon Mountague and the Directors are Pete Thornton and Tony Dow.

The Flat (BBC3)

This non-transmittable pilot, written by Dean Wilkinson (Ant and Dec Unzipped, No Sweat, Stupid), is a sitcom about a pair of housemates, starring Tom Price (Swinging) and Rufus Hound (Top of the Pops, The World Music Awards). The Directors are Paul McKie and David Sant. The Producers are Gil Isles and Michelle Lanaway.

Lead Balloon (BBC4)

A six-part comedy loosely based around Jack Dee's own life. The comedy will be about Rick Spleen, a successful but disillusioned stand-up comedian: Spleen spends his days hosting corporate events such as The Heating and Ventilation Awards, arguing with his co-writer and dealing with his wife. Raquel Cassidy (Teachers, According to Bex ) plays Spleen's agent and Omid Djalili may appear as the owner of a dry cleaners.

The series, currently being written by Dee and longstanding writing partner Pete Sinclair, will be broadcast on BBC4 this autumn. It's likely to feature a number of cameo appearances from other well-known comedians.

The Cue Club

A sitcom by new writer Charles Stenner which has been taken up by Norwich-based TV company Eastern Video. The programme will be about a pub - the main character Cliff's business falls apart after his wife dies of cancer and it charts how his friends and die-hard regulars get him out of trouble.


A traditional studio-filmed comedy from Armando Iannucci. The comedy will be set in a library and stars Rebecca Front.

Ardal O'Hanlon Sitcom - Unknown Title (BBC)

Comedy series written by Ardal O'Hanlon about a cable TV channel in western Ireland.

Rigor Mortis (BBC)

Comedy about three pathologists who do their best to live normal and happy lives despite working in a morgue. Starring Peter Davison, Matilda Zeigler and Geoffrey Whitehead.

What Would Jon Holmes Do? (C5)

(aka Two Worlds Colliding). Channel 5 have commissioned a script from writer and comedian Jon Holmes as he turns the sitcom pen on his own life more or less as it happens. Or rather, as it fails to happen to his satisfaction.

Avidmerican (C4)

Following on from 'A Bears Tail', Bo’ Selecta! creator Leigh Francis is bringing back his Avid Merrion character for a new spin-off Channel 4 sitcom. The new programme is set in Los Angeles, where the Merrion creation is running a hotel with his wife Sacha.

The Vivienne Vyle Show (BBC Pilot)

The Vivienne Vyle Show is Britain's most loved, talked about live therapy show where the British public air their problems and worries. Played by Jennifer Saunders, Vivienne Vyle is the show's host who is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks.

After You've Gone (BBC Pilot)

Jimmy Venible, divorced father of two, moves back into the marital home to look after his children when his wife decides to take her nursing skills to a Third World natural disaster. The only problem for Jimmy is that his mother-in-law also decides to help him. Written by Fred Barron.

Fire Station (BBC Pilot)

White Watch are fire fighters in a small town but oppressive health and safety regulations mean there are not many fires to fight. They remain men, and a woman, with a mission: to cope with their various personality disorders, look heroic in uniform, and get very good at darts. Written by Simon Nye.

My Generation (BBC Pilot)

A comedy about the lives of five geriatrics who prove that today's older generation are less about Horlicks and slippers than self-medication and exploiting the system. Also written by Simon Nye. Produced by TigerAspect.

The Old Guys (BBC Pilot)

Pilot from BBC Glasgow. The comedy is about the relationship between Tom & Roy who live together. Tom has a dreary daughter Amber who is having a relationship with a vicar, Phil. A result of the BBC's Last Laugh Talent Search. Written by Armstrong & Bain and competition winner James Donohue. The cast includes Geoff McGivern and Clive Swift.

Inside Out (ITV)

Comedy starring James Dreyfus. Dreyfus plays a career criminal who supplements his income by acting in the Crimewatch-style reconstructions of his crimes!

Magnolia (BBC Pilot)

A comedy pilot written by Phoenix Nights star Dave Spikey about a firm of painters and decorators in north-west England.

Modern Men (C4)

A TalkbackThames produced sitcom set in the Victorian era. Stars Reece Shearsmith, Nicholas Burns and Darren Boyd. Written by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong; Produced by Ash Atalla and directed by James Bobin.

Night School (Five)

Eight-part sitcom about a husband who teaches an investigative journalism course at an adult education college. Written by Hugo Simms.

Star Stories (C4)

Comedy from the makers of The Peep Show which pokes fun at the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Note: May be a comedy-drama.

Time Trumpet (BBC2)

Comedy series set in the future featuring older versions of today's famous faces. Created by Armando Iannucci. Note: May not be a sitcom .

Xtreem Soap (ITV1)

Spoof soap set in the fictional town of Waffingham. The show is created by comedian Harry Hill and the writers include Dan Maier, David Quantick, Brenda Gilhooly, Paul Hawksbee and Andrew Collins. The comedy stars Darren Day as a cheating pub landlord, Jan Francis as his mum, John Thompson as the owner of a key-cutting booth and Paul Usher as a villain. Also features Kate Robbins, Josie D'Arby, Karen Taylor and Carli Norris.

Respectable (Five)

Another new Channel 5 sitcom, this one is set in a brothel! This comedy was Harry Thompson's final project - he completed the scripts just before he died in November. The show was co-written by Shaun Pye and is set to broadcast in the autumn.

Pulling (BBC3)

A new six-part sitcom which was co-created by the late producer Harry Thompson. Pulling is a sitcom about a thirtysomething woman who ditches her reliable fiance to move in with a group of single girls. Sharon Horgan (a previous Friday Night Project presenter) will star in the series but, as of mid-April, the other parts have not yet been cast. The indie Silver River is producing the series co-created by Horgan, Thompson and Dennis Kelly.

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