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Programme: My Family
Broadcast: 2000 - present   ( BBC )
Episodes: 71 (6 series)
Starring: Robert Lindsay, Zoë Wanamaker, Kris Marshall, Gabriel Thomson
Written by: Fred Barron et al.
Directed by: Dewi Humphreys, Jay Sandrich, Baz Taylor
Production: Rude Boy Productions More info & DLT Entertainment Ltd More info

My Family is based on a 'typical' British household. Ben Harper is a dentist with a cynical outlook on life who spends most of his time moaning. He is married to Susan, a control freak who can't cook. He has three children who are all very different, Nick the oldest is very laid back and changes jobs frequently. Janey meanwhile pesters her parents constantly for money whilst clever geeky Michael tries to avoid his dad.

BSG Review:

"My Family" is the best new British sitcom this decade if judgement is based upon average audience figures. The show certainly has all the right ingredients for an audience-grabber: strong stereotypical characters that are easy to identify with placed in embarrassing and comical (yet believable) situations.

However the programme has been criticised for being rather 'generic' and unsophisticated in its comedy (quick one-liners are key in this sitcom rather than clever built-up jokes). This doesn't seem to bother most of the population though - after all, "My Family" has been carefully designed by creator Fred Barron to appeal to the masses.

With the sixth series broadcast earlier in the year and a seventh season commissioned we've no doubt this comedy will continue to dominate Friday nights for as long as the cast are interested in doing more series.

See our article for a more in-depth review.

Notes: A 7th series has been commissioned. Likely to air late 2006 / early 2007.

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