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Programme: Mr Bean
Broadcast: 1989 - 1995   ( ITV )
Episodes: 14 (+ some short specials)
Starring: Rowan Atkinson
Written by: Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis, Rowan Atkinson
Directed by: John Birkin, John Howard Davies, Paul Weiland
Production: Tiger Aspect Productions More info

This comedy revolves around the title character, enigmatically known as 'Mr Bean'. An utter oddball, Mr Bean is unaware that most of his activities constitute acts of petty crime and he has no idea of the impact his actions have on other people. Mr Bean is a curious mixture of childlike innocence, devious cunning and altruism.

BSG Review:

This is a hilarious show that provides a showcase for Rowan Atkinson's comedic abilities. The emphasis on visual rather than verbal humour is its strength, and is an aspect that is all too rare in the postmodern era. Not everyone likes Mr Bean, however even the show's critics admit it is great comedy at the purest level. Mr Bean is the most popular exported British sitcom of all time - the absence of language has allowed this sitcom to be broadcast in almost every country in the world.


This comedy has also been turned into a successful animated cartoon series for children (see ) and there is a potential second movie in production too ( IMDb link ).

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