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Three of the origional classic episodes. In 'The Return Of Mr Bean', Mr Bean is, somewhat ill-advisedly, given his first credit card. He is determined to use it in the department store, but loses it in someone else's back pocket! Also features 'Mr Bean' and 'Hair By Mr. Bean Of London'.

Mr Bean - The Movie Bean - The Movie (DVD)

Feature movie based on the sitcom. When an American gallery is given the princely sum of $50,000,000 to bring back one of America's greatest paintings from the Royal National Gallery in England, the English gallery use it as an excuse to get rid of their most detested employee.... Bean.

The episodes 'The Bus Stop', 'Mr Bean', 'The Curse Of Mr Bean', 'The Trouble With Mr Bean', 'Merry Christmas Mr Bean', 'Mind The Baby Mr Bean', 'Back To School Mr Bean' and 'Goodnight Mr Bean' on video.

The Adventures of Mr Bean (Book)

Two Mr Bean stories in a book.

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