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Programme: Just Good Friends
Broadcast: 1983 - 1986   ( BBC )
Episodes: 22 (3 series)
Starring: Paul Nicholas, Jan Francis, Sylvia Kay
Written by: John Sullivan
Produced by: Ray Butt
Directed by: Ray Butt, Sue Bysh
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

Two days before his wedding, Vince Pinner has second thoughts and runs away leaving his bride-to-be Penny Warrender with a broken heart. Five years later, he meets Penny again and they start a new relationship. After several years of conducting and "on, off" relationship they finally married.

BSG Review:

Another hit from the writer of " Only Fools and Horses ". The show featured some great plots and had plenty of charm but many feel it stretched and emphasised the "will they?, wont they?" situation a little too far.

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