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Programme: Ideal (aka: I Deal)
Broadcast: 2005 ( BBC3 )
Episodes: 9 (1 series)
Starring: Johnny Vegas, Nicola Reynolds, Tom Goodman-Hill, Graham Duff, Ben Crompton, Sinead Matthews
Written by: Graham Duff
Directed by: Dan Zeff
Production: Baby Cow Productions More info

Sitcom about a small-time dope dealer. Ideal mixes pathos with a very dark humour, depicting a world of sex and drugs and the dole.

Moz is a small-time hash dealer who lives in a run-down flat with his long-term girlfriend Nicki. Moz is a low achiever, and quite happy with it, but Nicki has aspirations for a better life...

The series takes place entirely in Moz's flat and his chosen 'profession' serves as the backdrop for a very colourful array of customers and misfits who pass through his life on a daily basis.

BSG Review:

A dark and down-beat but well written and enjoyable to watch sitcom. Johnny Vegas is fantastic as Moz (itís almost as though the role was written especially for him) however overall this is a fairly average comedy. Be warned it can get you hooked though as the clever plotting ensures you want to find out what happens next week. Also maybe surprisingly for a sitcom it features an assassination, i.e. not your average comedy.

Series 2 is due later in 2006.

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