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Programme: The Green Green Grass
Broadcast: 2005 ( BBC1 )
Episodes: 7 (1 series)
Starring: John Challis, Sue Holderness, Jack Doolan, David Ross
Written by: John Sullivan
Directed by: Tony Dow
Production: Shazam Productions More info
Filming Locations: Shropshire, UK and Teddington Studios

Boycie is on the run from infamous London villains the Driscoll Brothers. To help insure he lives to an old age he up sticks with his reluctant wife Marlene and more than reluctant skateboarding son Tyler to a secluded farm house in Shropshire where he hopes they'll be safe. Unsurprisingly the Boyce family don't immediately fit into their new surroundings.

BSG Review:

"The Green Green Grass" was always going to have a tough start - after all being the spin-off from Britain's favourite sitcom does bring with it some pressure and an expectation that it is going to be roll-on-the-floor funny from the word go.

Whilst most viewers felt a little disappointed that the first series wasn't pure Sullivan magic if you forget about the heratige of the show it isn't actually that bad. There are some funny moments, Elgin (David Ross) is a great new sitcom character and everything is starting to form nicely into a solid comedy.

If a second series happens (quite likely) we'll have to see if the show can build on the fairly impressive start it has made. One worry is that surely the run-away-from-home situation is a little limited - the plots are going to run out after a couple of series?!?


" Only Fools and Horses " (original)

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