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Programme: Grass
Broadcast: 2003 ( BBC3 )
Episodes: 8 (1 series)
Starring: Simon Day, Matthew Ashforde, Robert Wilfort
Written by: Simon Day, Andrew Collins
Directed by: Martin Dennis
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

After witnessing a gangland killing, Billy Bleach joins the witness protection scheme and must swap his London live for one deep in the heart of rural England. Young local constable PC Harriet is assigned to guard Billy and is shortly joined by two London officers who seem to know each other very well.

BSG Review:

A dark and slow-moving sitcom which is almost a soap (in that there is a very strong serial story line threaded between episodes ). There is some funny moments in this show but most of the humour is very subtle and without a laugh-track its almost laughter free. It's probably worth sticking with but be warned it takes a while to get into. Some of the support characters (i.e. the pub landlord and the cops) are great but Billy, the central character, just doesn't have a strong enough personality, despite the best efforts of Simon Day, to sustain the interest.

Notes: "Grass" is another sitcom spin-off from "The Fast Show".
It was first shown on BBC3 in 2003 and then on BBC2 in 2004.
See Also: " Swiss Toni " (another "Fast Show" spin-off)

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