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George and Mildred GEORGE AND MILDRED

Programme: George and Mildred
Broadcast: 1976 - 1979   ( ITV )
Episodes: 38 (5 series)
Starring: Brian Murphy, Yootha Joyce
Written by: Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke
Directed by: Peter Frazer-Jones
Production: Thames Television More info

George and Mildred Roper are made to leave their South Kensington home. They move to an executive housing estate in Hampton Wick where their new next-door neighbours are the Fourmiles.

BSG Review:

A fun and very fondly remembered 70s sitcom spin-off from "Man About the House" which would more than likely have continued for many more years if it hadn't been for the untimely death of Yootha Joyce (who played Mildred).

BSG visitor Ray from Australia says " George and Mildred is close to being the funniest show of all time, brilliantly written and acted by the 2 stars of the show. The antics of George Roper made him a hero to lazy slobs like me. "

We're not quite sure it's the funniest show ever but it's certainly in the top 100 sitcoms.

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American sitcom " The Ropers " is based on this show.

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