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Programme: Let Them Eat Cake
Broadcast: 1999 ( BBC )
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Adrian Scarborough
Written by: Peter Learmouth
Directed by: Christine Gernon
Production: Tiger Aspect Productions More info

Let Them Eat Cake is set mostly in and around the Palace of Versailles in the year 1782 and follows the intrigues of Colombine, Comtesse de Vache. Regarded as one of the most dangerous women in the court of King Louis XVI she is assisted by her faithful servant, Lisette, in uncovering all the dark secrets of the aristocracy. Meanwhile, her couturier, Bouffant struggles to keep the Comtesse and her Rubenesque figure at the forefront of 18th century French fashion.

BSG Review:

An interesting sitcom because it features French and Saunders in something they hadn't themselves created. If you're a fan of the duo's other work you're bound to love this series however for un-initiated outsiders this short-lived comedy is more likely to puzzle rather than delight.

"Let Them Eat Cake" has all the right ingredients - a good cast, big budget and funny lines however in our opinion the parts haven't nicely fitted together thus making this a rather average sitcom.

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