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Programme: Early Doors
Broadcast: 2003 - present    ( BBC2 )
Episodes: 12 (2 series)
Starring: Craig Cash, Phil Mealey, John Henshaw
Written by: Craig Cash, Phil Mealey
Directed by: Adrian Shergold, Craig Cash
Production: Ovation Entertainment More info

Set in a small pub in Manchester regular drinkers Joe and Duffy pass the time with landlord Ken and the other pub regulars.

BSG Review:

Very much like the " Royle Family " (in fact made by the same people) this BBC sitcom is slow with subtle, gentle humour.

There are quite a few moments that make you smile (such as the way one pub regular, Eddie, always ends up talking about temporary traffic lights, pickles the dog or some other such non-event - or the time it was revealed grumpy Tommy is a Lollypop man) but some critics point out some parts plod along too slowly and can be a tad depressing.

It's definitely one of those sitcoms which many at first dislike but with patience grow to love. This certainly seemed to be the general audience trend - at first it was met with indifference but after being repeated picked up quite a few extra fans - in fact series 2 was very successful and earnt a recent BBC1 repeat.


Good news! A third series has been commissioned and will be broadcast in 2006.

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