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Drop the Dead Donkey DROP THE DEAD DONKEY

Programme: Drop the Dead Donkey
Broadcast: 1990 - 1998   ( Channel 4 )
Episodes: 65 (6 series)
Starring: Robert Duncan, Haydn Gwynne, Ingrid Lacey, Stephen Tompkinson
Written by: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
Directed by: Liddy Oldroyd
Production: Hat Trick Productions More info

The offices of Globelink News TV was the setting of this topical sitcom. The news station had just been acquired by a multi-millionaire media tycoon who orders that the company should start taking a sensationalist stance to the news (much like the real ITV and Fox News do).

Yuppie Gus Hedges (who speaks using nothing but media 'buzz words') is in charge of the transformation. The nervous news editor George Dent is too weak to stand up to Gus so it is left to his second in command Alex (a bright female) to try and stop Gus ruining the news.

Other staff included laddish womaniser Dave Charnley, ambitious moral-free field reporter Damien Day, and newsreaders Henry Davenport (old fashioned) and Sally Smedley (a brainless bimbo).

BSG Review:

The excellently written and portrayed characters made this sitcom a sure fire success for Channel 4 in the 90s. The topical gags added something special to the show but these were soon made less of a feature allowing for a deeper insight into the lives of the staff.

Un-ethical Damien Day was a particularly great character - watching him manipulate and orchestrate the news pictures to his own advantage is great fun. Some of the management speak Gus Hedges came out with was equally funny - "I'd just like you to stir-fry a few ideas in my think-wok"!

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