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Programme: Doctor At Large
Created by: Richard Gordon
Written by: Andy Baker, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, George Layton (as Oliver Fry), Jonathan Lynn, Bernard McKenna, Bill Oddie, Geoff Rowley, David Yallop
Directed by: David Askey, Bill Turner, Alan Wallis
Synopsis: Upton, Collier and Stuart-Clark are now qualified doctors embarking upon their professional careers. Numerous jobs in different practices ensue before they return to the scene of their medical training, St. Swithin's Hospital.
BSG Review: This follow-up to 'Doctor In The House' was easily as funny as its predecessor. The extended series concentrated on three of the ex-students' subsequent escapades and the new premise gave plenty of scope for story ideas, and allowed George Layton and Geoffrey Davies to emerge from the background and shine in their own right. The addition of Richard O'Sullivan as the odious Bingham, and an illustrious string of guest stars - among them Hattie Jacques, Mollie Sugden and Arthur Lowe - make this show an example of why sequels can be a good idea.
See Also: " Doctor In The House " (original)

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