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Programme: Dinnerladies
AKA: Dinner Ladies (mis-spelling)
Broadcast: 1998 - 2000   ( BBC2 )
Episodes: 16 (2 series)
Starring: Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, Thelma Barlow
Written by: Victoria Wood
Directed by: Geoff Posner
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

Set in the canteen of the fictional northern factory HWD Components, "Dinnerladies" observes the day-to-day work lives of the kitchen staff.

The canteen is managed by Tony who is in love with dinnerlady Bren. Much of the show is about the "will they, won't they" relationship between the two. The other canteen workers include posh Dolly, moaning Jean, butch teenager Twinkle and very stupid Anita. Bren's horrid bag lady like mother Petula, officious handyman Stan and dithering Personnel Manager Philippa also feature.

BSG Review:

Despite a very slow pace and characters that would normally be considered too down-to-earth and "normal" to appear in a sitcom (except of course for the excellent Walters as Petula) thanks to Victoria Wood's great direction this sitcom really works.

With a almost soap-like storyline and excellent joke telling by the ensemble team "dinnerladies" quickly created a legion of fans when it first aired, all of whom were disappointed that Wood decided to call it a day after just two brief series.

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