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Coupling Coupling - Series 1 (DVD)

Every episode from the outstanding first series on DVD. Meet Jack, Steve, Jeff, Susan, Sally and Jane in the episodes 'Flushed', 'Size Matters', 'Sex, Death and Nudity', 'Inferno', 'The Girl With Two Breasts' and 'The Cupboard of Patrick's Love'.

The second Coupling DVD is just as great as the first. It contains all the episodes from the second series and a load of extras including interviews and a "Behind the scenes" feature.

All of the third series on two disks in which Steve and Susan have spilt up. With the cast well and truly established the comedy is as fresh and funny as ever!

Coupling - Series 4 (DVD)

Missing Geoff but still very funny and still breaking traditional sitcom barriers the entire fourth series of Coupling is available from Amazon now. Go get it!

Coupling is also available on video and in NTSC format!
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