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Carrie and Barry CARRIE AND BARRY

Programme: Carrie and Barry
Broadcast: 2004 - 2005   ( BBC1 )
Episodes: 12 (2 series)
Starring: Neil Morrissey, Claire Rushbrook, Mark Williams, Michelle Gomez
Written by: Simon Nye
Directed by: Martin Dennis
Production: Hartswood Films Ltd More info

A sitcom by " Men Behaving Badly " creator Simon Nye. Married couple Carrie and Barry find themselves with the daily challenges of keeping the spice in their marriage and the fun in their day jobs - as well as having to deal with Barry's teenage daughter Sinead from his disastrous first marriage.

Barry's mate Kirk, who co-owns his black cab (he does the night shifts) and Carrie's acid-tongued best friend and fellow beautician Michelle keep the comedy coming.

In the second series Barry loses his taxi licence and so sets out to find another source of income. Meanwhile Carrie discovers that she is adopted and decides to track down her real mother and Sinead has become a traffic warden and is in love with a boyfriend Barry hates.

BSG Review:

"Carrie and Barry" made a surprisingly good debut for a sitcom in 2004. The series was actually, get this, funny! Be warned though, the comedy did rather have an adult flavour to it with lots of jokes about sex and the like.

The programme makes a welcome return to the screens although the adult themes have now been toned down to make it more of a family show. It remains to be seen whether the comedy can avoid becoming sterile and run-of-the-mill which is the way it seems to be heading.

In our opinion Mark Williams is still easily stealing all the scenes as the hapless Brummie Kirk - his performance is spot on!

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