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List of UK retailers

This page contains a list of UK based retailers who sell sitcom related books, DVDs and Videos to the UK market...

Highly Recommended

Amazon UK are the BSG's number one retailer - they have the widest range of sitcoms on the web.

We love Play too! Their website is nicely organised and well stocked. Even better, they're really cheap and everything is free delivery - get in!

A reputable off-shore based retailer offering big discounts on some items - particularly box sets.

Other Good Stores...

BBC Shop BBC Shop
The official BBC shop. Obviously only BBC DVDs here. Also they're not as cheap as you would have thought. Check below for stores under-cutting their RRP.

Benson's World Benson's World
A friendly and helpful family run business featuring a range of sitcom DVDs. Sometimes have good bargains.
Occasionally this small Jersey based company puts on an amazing boxset sale. Worth keeping an eye on.

The music, DVD and games giant's online store. You can't really go wrong with HMV but they do charge for postage.

John Lewis John Lewis
You wouldn't normally expect this upper-crust store to stock DVDs but they have started to do so - they're better for bigger stuff like new TVs though.

alt.comedy.british Sainsbury's
This supermarket also sells DVDs now. They can be fairly cheap but nothing special.

Send It Send It
Used to be known as Blackstar - this is an OK all round shop.

Tesco Jersey TESCO Jersey
Britain's biggest supermarket has branched out into off-shore cheap DVDs. Expect it to take a few days to arrive though.

This used to be a huge shop but average pricing means they're not often top of the pack anymore.

Virgin Megastores Virgin Megastores
Richard Branson's entertainment shop online. They charge delivery per item but can be worth a look.

WH Smith WH Smith
You can now get your DVDs online from the highstreet name you trust. Not that cheap but very reliable and respected.

Woolworths Woolworths
This great highstreet brand is on the web too. Trouble is they charge a fair bit in postage - we'd recommend them more otherwise.

Other Retailers

DVD Plus DVD World
Blah! DVD DVD Source Film Night
Choices Direct DVD Street The Hut

Also don't forget to check out the auction websites: eBay | eBid | QXL and others!

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