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Where Online Can I Buy British Sitcom Videos, DVDs and Books?

Your local online retailers may stock the merchandise you're looking for. Check with them first.

You're probably aware of the online shops in your country however, if not, we suggest using Google to find retailers operating in your region.

Importing From Abroad

It is likely that not all British sitcom videos and DVDs are available from your local retailers as demand for more niche British sitcoms is understandably going to be low. If you can't find what you're looking for in your country you'll need to look to import the merchandise you want from the UK or America.

Important Note

The videos and DVDs for sale outside of your country might be a different format from those your player can display. Before purchasing any merchandise we suggest you check that you will be able to view what you're about to buy.

More information on DVD / Video formats

The best places to buy British sitcom merchandise outside of your own country is obviously the UK. America also has a lot of British sitcom videos and DVDs for sale. Whether you're buying from the UK or America we recommend you purchase from Amazon as they have the widest selections, are very trustworthy and ship internationally.

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Other British Shops

Other American Retailers

Note: don't forget some sitcoms have a different title in the US. For example " My Hero " is "Thermoman" and " The Good Life " is "Good Neighbors".

I Still Can't Find The Merchandise I'm looking for!

If you can't find what you're looking for in any of your local shops or any British or American shops it's very likely that the merchandise you are trying to buy hasn't been released yet.

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I Have A Merchandise Question

We at the British Sitcom Guide know as much as we've written on this website so it isn't worth trying to ask us any merchandising questions. Instead you should ask the people who are in the know - the production and distribution companies...

Find out how to do this

Of course if you've got a question about prices or delivery you should direct it to the retailer you are looking to buy from.

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