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I Still Can't Find The Merchandise I'm looking for!

If you can't find what you're looking for anywhere online it's very likely that the merchandise you are trying to buy hasn't been released yet.

Many British sitcoms haven't been released on Video or DVD as they're either too new or there isn't enough demand to warrant a release .

New Series (filmed 2004, 2005)

If the series you are looking to buy has been on TV only recently then you may have to be patient - there is normally a one or two year delay between a new sitcom being shown on TV and it being released on video / DVD. The reason for this delay is because it takes a while to produce and manage a DVD launch and, a bit like films, by delaying the launch the TV companies can increase demand whilst making money out of repeats.

If you want to find out when the series will be released see the next section of our guide.

Older Series (filmed 2003 and before)

Demand for old sitcoms is quite low as their popularity will have faded over time; only the most well-known comedies are wanted by more than just a few hardcore fans. DVD distributors need very high demand to be able to get their investment in a new DVD back so unless there are a lot of people badly wanting a series it is unlikely it will be released any time soon.

The good news is that manufacturing prices are now falling thus making it less of a risk to release a new DVD so expect some programmes which haven't appeared yet to come out in the next five years.

The next section explains how you can find out if / when a programme will be released.

When Will The DVD / Video I Want Be Released?

New Release List
You may find the answer on our " releases coming soon " page - this list contains a summary of all the new Region 2 DVD releases currently known about. If you can't see the series on there then I'm afraid we don't know if / when it will be available. All the knowledge we have is on that page.

Often the release date of new DVD is kept under-wraps until the last moment for competitive reasons so the DVD could be out soon just no one knows exactly when. The production company may be able to help shed some light (see next section)

Phased Releases
If a series has been partially released (e.g. the first two series have been brought out but not the others) it may be that the studio is staging the releases. This is a common tactic so that they can get people's 'pocket money' over time rather than trying to get them to fork out for a nine-disc series in one go. The clue to when the next season will be out is to look at the previous release dates - most web stores show these, including Amazon.

Flop DVD Releases
In some cases, DVDs have not sold as well as expected and it has become financially un-viable for the distributors to release the other series on DVD. If some of the series of the sitcom you are interested in were released a while ago but there is no sign of any of the other series on the horizon this may be the case, sorry. You should contact the distributors for confirmation (see the next section)

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I Have A Question

Firstly it may be worth double checking our area for the sitcom you are interested in - if we know any news or information we will have put it in there.

We don't make the sales decisions for the TV channels and so can't tell you what their plans are, sorry. We've put all we know on this website.

If you want to know if / when a DVD or Video is coming out you should get in touch with either the production company or distribution company. More information and contact details

Help! It's not being released!

Due to the reasons mentioned above sometimes a series just isn't going to be released. If the production or distribution company has told you that it's not coming out then I'm afraid you are very short of options...

Buy a master tape
Sometimes the distributors will be willing to sell you a copy of their master broadcast tape. This is quite rare though due to copyright implications and risks. If they are happy to sell a copy expect to make your bank manager faint - they are very, very, very expensive to buy.

Search auction sites & newsgroups
You may find that someone has a copy they taped from when it was on TV. Try your local auction websites (e.g. eBay ) and putting a wanted message on a popular comedy newsgroup such as alt.comedy.british - you never know!

Note: A word of warning: Don't forget it can be illegal to buy a bootlegged copy of a series!

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